The Parallel World: On Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and the Light Side of the Force

April 12, 2018

Sorry, this webcast is available in the Ukrainian language only. Here is the related article: FinTech: the new Banking&Finance of a postindustrial…

Швейцария: как и почему небольшая страна стала столицей криптомира

April 12, 2018
{:uk}Опубліковано мовою оригіналу. За матеріалами дослідження спецпроекту "Блокчейн і право", яке Axon Partners запустили рахом з ForkLog Consulting и European Business Association...

Here’s why we created our Advisory Board

March 27, 2018

Dear legal industry, We’ve turned two years old. At the outset, we only wanted to survive. We were too scared to…

berlinhack (1)

Legal Tech Battle: Berlin vs Kharkiv

March 20, 2018

Andrii Kostenko

Berlin hackathon. This giant bubble warns legal tech against becoming a bubble. I recently visited Berlin Legal Tech Hackathon and Kharkiv Legal…


GDPR — how it affects Ukrainian companies

March 15, 2018

Lida Klymkiv

One beautiful morning I got this unusual request from a client. He was really anxious and confused. He said, “Dear Lidia,…