Про зраду і перемогу ІТ-бізнесу в Україні на прикладі законопроекту № 4496

July 11, 2016
{:uk}В українських депутатів логіка залізна: не розумієш, що відбувається, – блокуй трибуну. І нехай весь світ почекає. Ну, можливо, не весь...

Protection of personal data: Internet of things

July 8, 2016

The influence of the Internet of things on our lifestyle is inevitable. Just imagine yourself: sockets, sneakers, refrigerators, and even trolleys…

Told by Andriy Udovichenko, the Former Chief Executive Vasya, aka Axon Partners Ex-intern

July 6, 2016

When you are doing an internship, you are actually breaking the patterns. As a rule, as soon as you graduate, you think…

Highlights of Lviv IT Jazz Conference: Innovation District IT Park to Be Built in Lviv

July 5, 2016

A huge space for IT companies, with modern offices, kindergarten, hotel, fitness center, and a common space: this is what Innovation…

Legally Discussed Music and Smartly Practiced Dancing

July 1, 2016

While some of us were dabbling in jazz; others were trying to beat their way through horrible traffic to finally reach…