My name is Dima Gadomsky. Following our governance meeting, it appears that I am a CEO. However, I am a trash can as well. They would call it a ‘trouble shooter’ to make it sound smarter. But actually, that’s not exactly what I do. As a lead link in a product owners’ circle, I must deal with fire alarms. At times, I ask myself: “How did we end up having product owners, a circle, and a lead link? Why, instead of sticking to a plain top-down management style, the team appointed me to be a trash can, on top of it all?”

A while ago, Tim Yevgrashyn and Artem Serdiuk introduced us to scrum. It will be funny, they said. And it was funny, for sure. But actually, only part of our company accepted scrum. The other part didn’t get it and ended up hating it. That’s why we split apart. It’s been eighteen months, or rather 75 sprints, that we’ve been living between planning and retro, while scrum has turned into a full-scale holacracy. It wasn’t as smooth as Sutherland describes. Sometimes our meetings would start with something like “This scrum thing is real shit”. However, scrum is still with us. Artem Serdiuk calls it underscrum. But it sounds to me like a compliment, since the way we work has to do with scrum. To be honest, I hate the way we worked before scrum.

It turns out that scrum works not only for us but for other law firms throughout the US, Germany, Britain, and even Ukraine. Last year, together with our scrum and holacracy, we were shortlisted by the Lawyer Magazine as a law firm with innovative project management. That’s how we do it.

Come to the Scrum Business Conference on October, 28. We’ll come out with our success stories and tell about the problems and fuckups of our scrum.

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