What to talk about?
Business structuring, corporate deals and talks, conflicts and tiffs. Construction of the new capitalist business from the ground-up in a separate entrepreneurial head and transferring it into the boundaries of the land plot and common sense. Due diligence – showing sellers up in their true colors and luring purchasers into still water. Protection of assets from regulatory authorities, competitors and vengeful exes – eliminating tax authorities, law enforcers and intruders by the force of persuasion. Lifehacks with taxes, income and expenses.

Life before Axon:
N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, KhRI NAPA, in-house in manufacturing business, Oksana Kobzar Law Office.

Something you should know:
Trains the brain by corporate tasks with all unknowns. Does not take on trust anyone and anything, has faith only in blood oaths, and very rarely Рin documents verified by the notary’s official seal. Cross-stitches and bakes pies.
We would take Yulia to the team anyway, only for the home-made alcohol and pickles from her grandad.