14102469_1443422095684924_5251247546445296535_nFabricator knows how to entertain a score of bright and witty high-schoolers who work on their own inventions. Those kids are able to tell the difference between stereolithography and selective laser sintering, and also know how to switch on the vinyl cutter. Speakers from various career fields are involved in this active process, and Axon lawyers are among them.

Last Saturday, refreshed and cheerful Oksana Kochkodan and Bogdan Duchak told young inventors and future staruppers how to protect “what’s yours” and what to do next.

Oksana Kochkodan came out with a lot of interesting information about IP and industrial property rights, and played the guessing game where kids had to tell utility models from inventions. In addition, mojibakes were used as an example to show young inventors how to work their way from idea to domain name registration and sale mojibakes online. Future startuppers say that they want to create something big, to fulfill themselves, and of course, become millionaires.

Bogdan Duchak told the kids how to become millionaires and get it right and how to get money from investors. He also told about the risks of playing an “all-or-nothing game”. It turns out that inventors want to know why to register as individual entrepreneurs or legal entities, whether it is possible to be a founder, CEO and accountant at the same time, and whether to pay taxes from intellectual property (and those future millionaires are between 14 and 17 years old!). Altogether, we summarized that hard work, proficiency in a lot of languages (including software programming), and honesty are the main keys to success.