According to the annual study of  the Ukrainian Law Firms 2016. A Handbook for Foreign Clients,  3 partners of Axon Partners were ranked by the directory, in particular, Dmytro Gadomsky is recognized as a notable practitioner in IT, Nazar Polyvka – in Telecommunications & Media and Denys Beregovyi is cited for IT business structuring in Ukraine.

“Ukrainian hi-tech industry is anti-fragile. It consists of hundreds of large and small companies, and thousands of freelancers. 2014 was shocking for those, who oriented on the local market – mostly integrators – these guys are almost dead now. Outsourcers who service foreign customers, and product companies oriented on US and European markets kept growing this year.

Still, things are not good. The market waits for complete deregulation. Neither PayPal, not Netflix, Uber seriously look at Ukraine as a potential market. Strict (and mostly silly) currency regulation, ancient corporate laws, weak courts and the very specific approach of Ukrainian police make our country a completely bad idea for investments.

The good news is that many state owned database (i.e. companies registrar, legal database, etc.) have opened APIs. Auctions on sale of state owned properly seem to be built using blockchain. Some government bodies are testing agile methodology for project management. Some police and prosecution offices are investigating holacracy (seriously!). Not big wins, but at least something.

Any client appreciates lawyers who deeply understand the business they work in. Hi-tech clients have a very interesting specific: they do not like when lawyers bill them higher rates, than they bill it to their own clients. The largest piece of Ukrainian hi-tech business is It outsourcing and this business sells hours, the same as lawyers do. It is really hard to explain to the programmer why a lawyer’s cost is three or four times higher than his. Anyway, legal work becomes less and less expensive. Law firms need to decrease costs to be able to complete. The only way to do that is to employ hi-tech solutions. At the end of the day, if the law firm wants to practice IT law, it has to be technology driven”, commented Dmytro Gadomsky, CEO, attorney-at-law at Axon Partners.  

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