Prozorro - AxonAxon Partners works with the administrator of ProZorro, the public procurement electronic system. It is a state-owned enterprise being transformed into the IT company implementing innovative projects in Ukraine. Meet our team of lawyers: Bogdan Duchak, Oksana Kochkodan, and Yevgenia Gireva.

ProZorro is an electronic system with an open source code intended to facilitate the public procurement procedure and make it transparent and efficient, and as well enables to prevent corruption and avoid a lot of red tape.  As a result of public procurement reform, ProZorro has become subject to compulsory implementation in Ukraine. In addition, this system has been intentionally appreciated during the World Procurement Awards 2016. ProZorro has been awarded for the creation and implementation of an electronic system with the unique architecture.

Axon Partners keeps tabs on the registration of IP rights for all elements of ProZorro software system, the scope of which has been improved, and checks whether the open-source is used correctly. Provides legal advice concerning the use of the ProZorro trademark by parties who train to use the system, and as well helps to deal with all issues arising during the work with electronic platforms that are joining with ProZorro.