For months, people on IT market were gossiping about some mysterious black list of programmers revealing the names of companies, programmers, and their drawbacks. Only a bunch of recruiters and HRs also called “black” in a whisper, were aware of who and how had managed to get into such list. There was also a rumor that the “black” recruiters conspired to fix payment rates on the market, and moreover, calculated regional payment rates based on specific coefficients and formulas. Last week, the proof came out: some Robin Hoods published the very list online. Such leak was followed by the heated discussions among programmers concerning, let us put it mildly, the moral aspects of HR specialists’ behavior. In their turn, HRs began to be little afraid of whether they had broken the law and whether there would be any consequences. Both parties have sought our legal advice. Yet, we refused to get down to it, since both parties had very good chances to succeed. Actually, the chances were good, because justice had already been served.  Continue reading about this legal drama in the article by Lydiya Klymkiv.

Available in original language. Adapted from publications by NV