When you are doing an internship, you are actually breaking the patterns. As a rule, as soon as you graduate, you think something like “I’m going to do my internship soon. I’m going to handle and sort out a lot of cool tasks. Definitely, I’m going to become a real lawyer and start making a lot of cash in a month”. Instead, you get numerous files to be printed out, and reams of papers to be bound/burnt/consumed with or instead of food, or do anything else that could be possibly done.

Such experience is hardly inspiring… All of a sudden, someone told me about Axon Partners, the legal startup that managed to embrace holacracy and agile ideology. So I’ve done some research and found out that all Axon associates take active part in company’s activities and work with clients. In this company, all brilliant ideas generated by associates are valued, the work schedule is convenient, and all interns are treated decently. Naturally, I could hardly believe it. Still, I applied, and then, I was chosen to do the internship among other applicants.

Once again, they broke every single pattern! Everything I had read about actually proved to be true. From the first day, I was engaged in the current projects. If you are lucky to do your internship here, you will be given statements of claim to work out. They will be verified and revised by associates and partners, and then forwarded to clients. You will have the opportunity to research complicated cases, come out with ideas, and even put them into action, provided that they are useful. Moreover, you may be asked to speak on behalf of the company during events, if you are in the loop, of course.

In addition, people here are funny and friendly, and sometimes treat you with cakes and croissants. Still, don’t even hope that you will be jacking around. There is a lot of work here, and this work is anything but simple. Though you are not required to recite the cryptographic information protection regulation, you should be aware of how to find it, understand it, and present it in the simplest terms. Sometimes in English. So, this is how my two-month internship in Axon Partners looked like. Now it’s time for me to go to Cornell Law School.