Over the last few days, a number of posts have appeared on Facebook claiming that Kyivstar, the cable internet operator, is interfering with its users’ traffic.

E-commerce market representatives have claimed that the operator has been violating the copyright of website owners.

It is still too early to speak about any lawsuits against Kyivstar that would be successful. According to the company’s representatives, it was an experimental exploitation of a service, and not all, but just a few users saw such banners while checking Rozetka or other online stores.  Still, there is no evidence that such banners were visible only when visiting online stores (i.e. modification was selective and intended for online stores’ traffic) and appeared on a regular basis. Therefore, we cannot speak about any liabilities that may be borne by the operator.

As for the rest, it would be enough to keep up to the common decencies: you should not come for a visit without an invitation, and operators should not test their users’ traffic modifications without any notice.

Available in original language. Adapted from publications by InernetUa