13735587_1058159324272133_5817854998918037973_oAxon Partners’ lawyers, Bitcoin-embracers Nazar Polyvka and Oleg Geletkanych, delivered a lecture in Platforma coworking. They explained the difference between digital money, crypto currencies and quazi-cash, and also recommended the most reliable wallet (leather or electronic), as well as what to store in it and how to use it.

“If you are going to launch your own Bitcon exchange, but aren’t still sure about what to write in the terms of use, even those who are not crypto-lawyers would tell that “information services” definition is not bad at all to be used. We took a step further and looked into the legal patterns of such goliaths of the market as XAPО and WaveCrest”, commented Oleh Heletkanych, Associate, Axon Partners.

“There’s nothing extraordinary about payments in crypto currencies from debit cards. There’s no point in complaining about inappropriate regulation or uncertain legal status of Bitcoin, since a perfect combination of financial instruments, blockchain, and creativity makes it possible to turn Bitcoin payment ecosystem into a highly efficient payment instrument”, said Nazar Polyvka, Partner and co-founder, Axon Partners.