The first public project of Axon Partners: legal support of the launch of the doctor appointment booking service in Lviv public hospitals. The project team of Nazar Polyvka and Oleg Geletkanych faced the difficult task of developing legal structure for the project, that would require minimum possible paperwork from the users of the platform. It is a showcase of legal work on tech projects – our lawyers had to develop flawless legal construction with no harm to the service’s usability.
As a result, behind the simple interface of is a dozen of policies and rules for each category of users: patients, doctors, clinic’s management. The project is now released as a beta version, while the use of e-documents and e-signatures within public hospitals is being tested.
PO: Dima Gadomsky
Scrum-master: Nazar Polyvka
DevTeam: Oleg Geletkanych