Agile died. As once car, IPhone and ships without sails died

May 12, 2016

Imagine the significant terms of an agreement on the top of a triangle, then in the middle we used to see…

Exports and imports will be conducted in electronic form

May 10, 2016

The Group of deputies proposes to remove administrative barriers that stand in the way of exporting services. That was said in…

Axon Partners adopted the quality of the big companies, but turned the system of relations and values, that are specific to them

April 28, 2016

– Do you devote your weekends for it? Dima.: No, we do not work on weekends. At least, we are trying…

Lucky Labs is going to sue the Security Service of Ukraine

April 15, 2016

On the April 12 the Security Service of Ukraine conducted a search in Lucky Labs. The reason for the search was…

Erase all traces: does UAnet need the right to be forgotten

April 5, 2016

If Google can not find you, then you have not achieved anything yet in this life. But this Internet-proverb may be…