The right to be forgotten applies to irrelevant, illegal or incorrect information

June 15, 2016

Should you be celebrity, who suffers from “not that cool” photos of you on the Internet or memes created of you,…

Nazar Polyvka Addressed the Participants of UAngel Master Class “Incorporation and Jurisdiction Alternatives for Start-ups: Pros, Cons and Hidden Hazards”

June 14, 2016

Terms sheets, hadron collider, convertible notes, shareholders agreements and Schrödinger’s cat on the early stages of technological start-ups investment. Every now…

Axon Partners helped to launch the service of doctor appointment booking in Lviv

June 9, 2016

The first public project of Axon Partners: legal support of the launch of the doctor appointment booking service in Lviv public…

Axon Partners became the info partner of Lviv IT Jazz Conference

May 31, 2016

Representatives of major IT, investment and business companies will gather in Lviv for Lviv IT Jazz Conference. The event takes place…

What is a blockchain and how cryptocurrency will help to defeat corruption in Ukraine

May 19, 2016

Bitcoin and all its subsequent variations are just a top of the technological iceberg. The potential of blockchain technology is not…