ГіфкаStartup movement that has lately become a kind of a business trend, and has started to take on the new forms. VDNG-TECh telecom-accelerator is a unique project for our country. The task of this accelerator is to prepare startups to work with one particular company, rather than to prepare projects for next rounds of venture investment.

Telecom operators like Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, and Orange have launched sturtup accelerators long ago, and consequently, they are able select solutions for traffic driving and business expansion. In Ukraine, Kyivstar has become the path breaker.

From the very beginning, Axon Partners have been providing legal support to IT businesses. Our lawyers have been advising to IT startup-founders in Chasopys for years. That’s why our cooperation with VDNG is a follow-up to our self-presentation as startup-friendly lawyers.

“We draw up all the instruments required for accelerators launching and provide legal support during their execution, including acceleratory program agreements, agreements for equity funding seeking, agreements with mentors. In addition, we provide support to all teams during the acceleration: copyright clearance of software code, legal defence (as far as possible) of technologies, help to remain in good relations with investors, and other smart legal things”, commented Dmytro Gadomsky, Attorney-at-Law, CEO and partner of Axon Partners.