A little over than a year ago, Axon was still a toddler brought into this world by Mommy holacracy and Daddy scrum…

When I came back to the office after a short vacation that had lasted three months, one of the founders offered me some tea and said: “We’ve decided that from now on, you’re going to be our scrum master”.

I asked what I’d be dealing with. In response, I heard something like: “You’ll have to create a favorable environment and take care about the team”. Since my most outstanding skill has always been the ability to take care about people, I said: “Okay, I’ll do it” (I’ve been doing it all the time, anyhow). Later, after I’d read the red hardcover scrum bible, I realized that things were not as simple as they seemed to be. You have to organize internal processes, facilitate all meetings, training, promote agile values, overcome any difficulties the team may face, and ensure our efficiency and growth (oh my!). But there was no way back.

It’s been about 382 days since they’ve started calling me their scrum-master, even though I can’t boast of any certificate or extensive experience in working with flexible management methodologies.

One of Axon’s values states: “Don’t be a lawyer, be who you are”. I’m not a lawyer, anyway. That’s why I tell stories like this.

But I promise that on October, 28 at the Scrum Business Conference, I’ll keep to the point.

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