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Unfortunately, here at Axon Partners, we cannot recruit all cool people that are knocking at our door. However, we are also not able to deny neither ourselves nor you the pleasure of becoming acquainted with each other, sharing our experience and being friends.

If you are eager to have an internship at our company with a running time of 2 months, send us a CV and motivation letter: tell us something interesting about yourself, don’t be afraid to show your originality and let yourself loose the train of thoughts (but don’t shove us over, – limit yourself to 400 words). If our strict committee approves your candidature, we will send you a task. If everything is exactly the same as you have written in your CV: you are so competent, and there is no choice but to admire the logic and structure of your answers, then we will invite you to an interview. On this stage, all the circles of your selection (hell) will end. Do you still have an interest in us and the courage to go through all this? Send an email on meet@axon.partners: we are waiting!

Please note that we do not consider applications without the motivation letter.