Axon Partners


We are the young team of highly motivated professionals…

Well, we definitely are, but we don’t like corny clichés and meaningless corporate jargon.

The corporate hierarchy is not the way we lead our team. In the past all of us experienced how big companies manage their employees. At Axon Partners all our associates are the equity partners. We trust our people and rely on them, no matter how old they are and what legal background they have.

In a changing environment we live in only the people-oriented approach can lead to high-quality services and creative legal solutions.

Advisory Board

Axon Team

Mykhailo Yudin


Hlib Kotyha

Andriy Kostenok

Andrii Kostenok

Of counsel, Attorney-at-law
Оксана Кобзар

Oksana Kobzar

Of counsel, Attorney-at-law
Olga Panchenko

Olga Panchenko

Everything Officer
Яна Бакаленко

Yana Bakalenko

Equity Everything Officer
Yuriy Kornaga

Yuriy Kornaga

Equity Partner
Ліда Климків

Lida Klymkiv

Equity Associate
Andrii Kostenko

Andrii Kostenko

Equity Legal Engineer
Оксана Кочкодан

Oksana Kochkodan

Equity Partner
Бодя Дучак

Bogdan Duchak

Equity Partner
Денис Береговий

Den Beregovyi

Equity Partner
Діма Гадомський

Dima Gadomsky

Equity Partner, Attorney-at-law