Dedicated legal team

  • Imagine in-house lawyer as a service

    The waterfall of contracts, tax, employment and corporate issues  —all the paper work distracts you from doing business. Having an in-house lawyer might not be the most practical solution for every situation, since legal needs vary considerably both in their type and scope.

    We know very well how hard it is to find a good candidate with an expertise in technology in Ukraine.

    A dedicated legal team will fit seamlessly into your company’s daily routine. Our associates are well-trained to work with emerging businesses. They form a team equipped with knowledge and resources to meet the needs of any technocratic business.

    You can get a whole legal team from Axon Partners instead of an in-house counsel.

  • Quality

    We care about quality the most. We do not believe in corporate hierarchy of top-tier law firms, though we respect their quality assurance principles, and thus adopt them. Each document is drafted by an associate and reviewed by two more pairs of eyes. No matter whom you hire – a dedicated team or a single associate – the whole Axon Partners team works for you.

  • Trial period

    We understand how uncomfortable you may feel meeting the shark-like lawyers for the first time and handing over to them all your legal affairs right away. Switching lawyers could be no easier.

    Why don’t you take a test drive of your future legal partner?

    You can try out Axon Partners’ services before you hire us. We are OK with working in a test mode for some time (from few weeks to a few months).  Then if you like us – you stay with us, if not — we would still like to stay friends.

  • Transparent pricing

    The pricing is transparent from the outset. We always provide the time estimation before we start billing. You can reserve the necessary share of our team’s resources per week or per month.

  • Information technologies

    We do not work in the Linux terminal, but there is no need to explain to us what API is needed for. No matter how nice the ‘information technology’ sounds nowadays, it is only an instrument but not the aim itself. An instrument simply solves an existing problem, thus not every app or feature will be helpful but only those targeting the problem.

    Our partners and associates are early adopters of the new technologies that make legal services more simple. We like testing all that stuff. This firsthand experience enables us to offer custom ways to make our cooperation easier, once we know your needs.

Axon Partners

Startup-friendly lawyers

Young and smart entrepreneurs with bright ideas drive the economy. We love Ukraine and help to build a startup-friendly ecosystem here.

Our Fridays are devoted to startups. You may find us at or get in touch via Skype/Hangouts, whichever you like more.

If you need more than a skype-call advice, we are glad to work at startup-friendly rates or consider equity participation in your startup.

We are proud of the teams we worked with: SOC Prime, Wishround, AdTena, TripMyDream, DressBoom.

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