What to talk about?
Is there life after the diagnosis of “taxpayer”. Misdiagnosis and appropriate treatment taxation regimen in the digital economy. Just what state the doctor ordered. Preventive risks-juggling. Import and export of everything here there and everywhere, deep dive in customs clearings.

Life before Axon:
Has attained all stages of enlightenment: from in-house to head of legal in the real mining and manufacturing business, from the junior, associate, senior, partner in a law firm, to the owner of the law firm.

Something you should know:
Takes the great interest in strength sports – courts with tax and customs, and ball games – tennis and tax planning. Tells fortunes by the tax code, smokes the unwanted guests out of the office with the attorney incense. Loves Neue Wilde and American realism, especially Edward Hopper. Copies Jackson Pollock close to the original. Has almost reached the exit from the state of subject-object dichotomy, so has started learning French.