What to talk about? 
Contractual obligations, dialogue as a tool of dispute resolution, corporate and tax law. Optionally may talk about petroleum fractions, tankers and seafarers.

Life before Axon:
Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, editorial department of Visnyk tax journal, «Alliance Energo Trade» petroleum company, «TUI Ukraine» tour operator.

Something you should know:
Swears that she likes to complete the tasks when it’s sunny outside, but you won’t have time to blink an eye and she is already organizing Kyiv city guide tours for foreigners in exchange for a portion of varenyky. Knows where the best coffee locations are and doesn’t even pray for our coffee machine. Can recite Marina Abramovich’s biography by heart, and if you are lucky, can also make a performance (for a portion of filter coffee and varenyky, of course).