Industry expertise

Axon Partners
  • Software development

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    Software is eating the world © and Ukraine is one of the global leaders in software development and business process outsourcing.

    Axon Partners helps local companies to enter foreign markets by developing their corporate structure in Ukraine and abroad, drafting industry-specific contracts and supporting cross-border software development services.

    We also represent foreign clients who subcontract Ukrainian developers or have R&D; offices in Ukraine.

  • Telecom

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    The telecom market is challenging and demanding:  emerging technologies disrupt the classic business models, while the capacities for extension are limited by the existing infrastructure.

    In such circumstances creative but competent tech savvy advice matters.

    Axon Partners has experience in supporting the telecom business of different scale — from telecom startups to transnational corporations. We stand ready to offer solutions that perfectly fit telecom industry.

  • Gaming

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    We love gaming, although we are not e-sportsmen.

    Our way to invest in gaming (apart from in-app purchases and our procrastination time) is to offer a new level of legal services — we understand how plot of the game is written, how textures are rendered, code is assembled and, of course, we know a bit of legal tricks and combos.

    So let’s foster this industry together: you — by developing new games, us — by providing legal assistance during this process.

  • E-commerce

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    E-commerce disrupts offline retail so much that even the classic retail brands go online or choose hybrid business models.

    We prepared dozens of Privacy policies and Terms of Services, developed corporate structures and dealt with ongoing issues of our clients’ international and local e-commerce projects.

    Our aim is protecting the online stores from the imperfections of the local legal framework and helping them scale to the new markets. We adapt our advice to the requirements of various jurisdictions, as well as to the environment of the borderless Internet.

  • Media & Entertainment

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    The technology is not only changing the way we approach the media, it is creating the new media itself. Home TV is becoming smarter, music services are becoming more and more inventive about content monetizing, and video streaming is conquering our media consuming habits. It looks like the conservative proprietary copyright concept has gone for good.

    We are here to keep the balance between the shape (technology) and the substance (creative content). Axon Partners works with musicians, producers, filmmakers, creative agencies and media services helping them protect their interests in the era of uncertainty in IP.

  • Fintech

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    Can you believe there were times when you actually had to go to the bank to get your money and now we have cryptocurrencies, mobile banking, peer-to-peer loans, numerous online payment methods to manage and control our finance?

    Money is changing its nature and losing its tangibility but in the same time it is gaining better mobility and giving more power to the people. Fintech is breaking the walls between the payment methods and erasing the borders between the countries. It is the cornerstone of the global technological economy. If you believe in it as much as we do, then we are at your disposal on the frontline of a new era.

Legal expertise

To stay competitive major Ukrainian companies rethink their product and service portfolios, distribution channels and customer experience day-by-day.

By having a hi-tech expertise Axon Partners helps some of the largest as well as the growing businesses to accelerate the revenue, improve their customer journey, protect the intellectual assets, simplify contracts and react as fast as the technology they sell.

  • Corporate and M&A

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    Common international standards of transparent and clear business structuring have become inevitable not only for technological giants, but also for small and medium-sized innovative companies.

    Timely and legally justified corporate transactions are a green light, which first attracts banks and partners, then the investors, and  after all, allows you to approach the stock exchanges.

    Axon Partners know in practice how to build a business from rather small company to the size of transnational conglomeration, which goes for an IPO. We stand ready to be with you during this adventure.

  • Data protection

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    Personal Data has become a sensitive topic for leading economies – while the United States struggle holding its tech giants accountable for privacy matters, the EU enacted the legislation redesigning the way tech-related business should operate. Ukraine is on that path too.

    We consider data protection compliance as the core expertise for tech-enabled clients. We draft dozens of privacy policies for mobile applications, web services, and desktop software, audit our clients’ operation according to Ukrainian privacy regulations and the GDPR, adjust our client’s business models in order to work with sensitive personal data, as well as deal with other matters of privacy compliance according to laws of Ukraine and the EU (having CIPP/E experts on board).

  • International tax

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    Living in an era of cryptocurrencies, advanced robotics, sharing economy and cloud computing has become simpler, state borders are no problem for business. Though, the owners of innovative businesses still struggle – tax legislation is quite far from pursuing goals of another industrial revolution, happening nowadays. Thus it is no wonder, that sometimes the overall tax rate can exceed the 50%, income of a group of companies might be taxed in a state other from the one generating such income, while SaaS-agreements or ride-sharing services entail tax risks for those involved.

    Axon Partners know how to keep calm (and pay taxes properly) in the digital world.

  • Intellectual property

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    For more than two hundred years the intellectual property rights have existed to encourage the authors and inventors and to empower them to create. However, in the last decade IP is more of an instrument to slow down the innovations and privatize the knowledge. We do not deny IP as it is, we just do not believe that it is effective enough in our digitized world.

    While working on the new concepts for IP regulation, we offer our clients the expertise in protecting their intellectual assets — be it copyright claims, software development contracts or technology transfers – we know how to deal with it.

    When you need to simply register your IP rights, we will recommend the best patent attorneys for technology issues.

  • Commercial agreements

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    We at Axon Partners are the contract lawyers in the first place. We help clients to reimagine how the commercial contract should look like. An endless detailed legal document will hardly be entered into quickly. A short and superficial agreement can hardly be executed. We believe that having drafted hundreds of contracts we found the golden mean.

  • Litigation & Arbitration

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    Our legal advice is worth nothing, unless we can protect it in a courtroom. Some of the Axon Partners’ team members practiced in litigation departments of the major Ukrainian law firms. This experience helps us to support our clients in the national courts and arbitrations with all types of IT related disputes.

    However, you should know that we play by the rules and this could be our weakness in the Ukrainian courts. Our litigation lawyers are undesirable both as plaintiff and defendant, but stay aside of any negotiations with the judge beyond the procedure.

  • Transactions support

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    The Silicon Valley is a Promised land for the technology oriented businesses, but for the non-US founders the way to become a “unicorn” is full of challenges both expected and unexpected.

    Our expertise and experience make us the perfect allies for structuring of venture investment deals, multijurisdictional incorporation, settling of the corporate issues and international tax planning.

    We take care of the formalities, so that the founders and investors could fully dedicate themselves to the development of the innovative products.